ICAM Australia offers a range of consultancy services in key areas including:

  • Incident Investigation and Incident Management
  • Human Factors
  • Workplace Health and Safety
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All consultants at ICAM Australia have been carefully selected to ensure that not only do they have highly proficient technical and operational skills, but they also possess excellent client liaison and people skills. All of them have vast experience in incident investigation, training, and integrating human factors and system safety concepts across a vast array of safety-critical organisations and industrial modes.

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national organisation or a national government department, we can assist with a broad range of consultancy services. Our clients are quite diverse and we work with them to achieve customised and sustainable solutions.

Our Clients

Our clients are quite diverse and come from a range of “heavy” and “light” industries. One week we may be investigating a significant incident at a mine or construction site, the next we may be investigating a security breach at a bank or casino, or a disruption to normal operations at a processing plant, or a sentinel event at a hospital or unscheduled maintenance requirements at a transport and logistics company, or equipment damage/service interruption at a power station.

In a nutshell, we’re there for any client/organisation and can assist with the investigation of any adverse event in any industry. We work with many industries including:

Surface transportation and logistics – rail, heavy vehicle and maritime

Aviation – air transport, airports and airspace management (civil and military)

Mining and resources sectors / Petroleum and Gas


Provision of services by Councils

Energy and power transmission/generation

Government services/departments

Emergency services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)

General manufacturing

Environmental agencies

Dangerous goods manufacturing and transportation

Educational Facilities and Institutions

Service industries – retail, banking etc.

Healthcare/Medical facilities/Hospitals/Aged Care Facilities

Hospitality (Hotels, Clubs, Casinos)


The understanding of our operational environment and legislative requirements was very evident. The team from ICAM Australia submitted an excellent report and implementation plan. 

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