5 Why's Workshop

This one (1) day workshop is designed for personnel who are required to utilise the 5 Why’s problem solving technique as part of incident investigations to learn the key principles to ensure the process effectively identifies and addresses the root causes of an incident. (Note - workshop also available as a ½ day option)

In relation to incident investigations, the 5 Why’s Technique is a well-known process that aims to distinguish an incident’s visible symptoms from the underlying latent root causes. Many organisations either use this technique for low level incidents or require this process to be completed in conjunction with the Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM).

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19 Apr 2024
$742.5 (Inc GST)
09 Aug 2024
$742.5 (Inc GST)
12 Nov 2024
$742.5 (Inc GST)

Course Details:

While the end process from conducting a 5 Why’s can be beneficial in identifying the root causes of an incident, the key process steps and questioning technique are critical to ensure an effective outcome. This workshop will address how to ensure all phases of the incident are addressed and latent issues identified.

Target Audience:

  • Personnel who are required to use the 5 Why’s technique in relation to incident investigations.

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