Investigating cybersecurity events using ICAM

This two (2) day course is designed for cyber security personnel and managers to gain an applied understanding of the ICAM investigation methodology and learn the knowledge and skills required to effectively apply the ICAM skills and tools to cyber event response and investigations.  The course will focus on to use the ICAM process to quickly investigate, assess, and determine the overall risk of an event with the end goal of enabling decision makers to make quicker informed decisions on actions to be taken.  It will demonstrate how to use the ICAM process as a part of cyber incident and event response, specifically how to identify and establish the scope of the event, develop methods to minimize operational impact and restore service, and identify contributing factors in order to develop mid to long term corrective actions.  The course will show how application of the ICAM process can enhance an organisation’s existing cyber incident response handling processes and procedures, particularly for critical infrastructure and high-risk industries.  The course also includes case studies and classroom exercises to apply the ICAM skills and tools to example events and incidents.


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Target Audience:

  • Personnel who manage, lead or be involved in numerous cybersecurity event response activities and proactive risk and vulnerability assessments, including IT/cyber professionals, managers, engineers and technicians.

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