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ICAM Australia is committed to helping organisations enhance and improve workplace health and safety (WHS) on both a proactive and reactive basis.

Proactively, we work with organisations to ensure that processes and systems in relation to workplace health and safety (WHS) are established and implemented, to not only comply with regulatory provisions, but to enhance WHS to reduce risk to people and improve operational performance.

From a reactive basis, when an incident occurs, we take pride in being there for our clients and helping when they need us the most. We assist with incident investigations to ensure that the ultimate goals of reduction of risk and prevention of recurrence are attained.

Our focus is to help organisations and businesses ensure their people remain safe and well and we pride ourselves in providing assistance in a timely manner to our clients in all aspects to do with safety. We work hard to find custom solutions that fit our client’s specific requirements. If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to call and have a chat.


Meet the Team Behind ICAM Australia

“Staff were very knowledgeable, knew the content well and provided useful ‘real life’ examples of incidents to investigate. Overall, a very good course with some insightful take aways and provided a good understanding of the formal ICAM process. Would definitely recommend.” Online 13-14 Feb


Our Consultancy Services


Incident Investigations and Incident Management

We can guide you through the regulatory reporting requirements, on-site investigation data collection and analysis phases through to preparation of required incident investigation reports.

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Human Factors and Systems Safety

Human factors psychology focuses on creating and improving products, equipment, machines, and environments to complement human capabilities and maximise performance and safety. 

Workplace health and safety

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

We can assist by ensuring that organisations and individuals understand the duty of care they have to operate safely and comply with regulatory obligations.


ICAM Training

Our most recognised signature product is our Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) training, which has been developed by Jo De Landre, our Principal Investigator and Lead Facilitator. Jo is recognised as one of the most experienced practitioners in the fields of incident / accident investigation, applied human factors and safety management in Australia.

With over 30 years applied experience working in and with an array of industries, Jo has investigated some of the most high profile significant incidents and accidents in Australia, has trained over 7,500 personnel in incident investigation methodologies and has extensive experience in the conduct of systemic investigations and human factors application and integration.


Benefits of ICAM Training

ICAM Public Courses

ICAM Public Courses

ICAM Australia have carefully selected and designed a variety of courses to enhance the skills and knowledge of personnel involved in all aspects of incident investigations. 

ICAM In-House Courses

ICAM In-House Courses

ICAM Australia has expert incident investigators, safety and human factors practitioners who can tailor fit the training for your company needs.

ICAM All Available Courses

ICAM Upcoming Sessions

ICAM conduct trainings online or face-to-face across Australia. Click here for list of available courses and the corresponding location.

Tiered Levels of ICAM and Investigation Training

Some of our popular ICAM training courses are as follows:

ICAM for Lead Investigators

For those personnel appointed as Lead Incident Investigators, it is critical that they have in-depth knowledge and skills not only of how to investigate incidents, but how to manage resources to achieve the incident aim of prevention of recurrence and reduction of risk.

Learn more  about ICAM for Lead Investigators

Investigation Report Writing Workshop

The skills and knowledge possessed in order to conduct an incident investigation do not always go hand-in-hand with the skills and knowledge required to complete a well written Incident Investigation Report.

Learn more about Investigation Report Writing

ICAM for Team Members

For those personnel expected to be part of an incident investigation team, they need to have the basic knowledge and skills to understand the investigation methodology and their role in the investigation.

Learn more  about ICAM for Team Members

In-House Trainings

We offer training in-house at client premises and can customise and adapt in-house courses to utilise your procedures, templates, terminology and analysis methodologies.

Learn more about In-House Training Courses


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