Safety Stand Downs

The unsettling reality is that one Australian worker is injured every five minutes. Sadly, a person will go to work every two days and never come home after being involved in a fatal incident.

Safety can sometimes be perceived as a burden. This type of thinking leads to excuses for not adhering to safety protocols. Safety principles should be personalised and integrated into work processes, eliminating conflicts between operations and safety. 

Workplace health and safety


To ensure that all personnel understand the importance of safety rules and procedures, ICAM Australia offers customised safety stand-down sessions incorporating case studies. Our stand-down sessions emphasise the personal responsibility of all personnel to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues, enabling everyone to go home safely at the end of each shift.


Our customised training courses help to mitigate workplace risks by providing tailored training specific to your industry, organisation, and site needs, delivered by expert incident investigators and trainers. We use applied examples and case studies to demonstrate the principles taught. Our training materials include full-colour multimedia, PowerPoint and DVD presentations, tools, guidance, and checklists for post-training adaptation and implementation.


Data from Safe Work Australia shows that work-related injuries cost the Australian economy around 60 billion AUD annually. As Professor Patrick Hudson, a leading world expert in system safety and human factors, argued, a company should consider its safety department or system as a profit centre, not a cost centre (Hudson, 1998). 


At ICAM Australia, we bring extraordinary value to the table with our unwavering commitment to safety and our proven capability to apply knowledge, training and systems to enhance health and safety performance and operational capacity. Our Safety Practitioners and Incident Investigators, led by Principal Investigator Jo De Landre, is recognised as one of Australia's most experienced in incident/accident investigation, applied human factors and safety management.


We carefully select all our employees to ensure they have the technical and operational skills required and excellent client liaison and people skills.


ICAM Australia offers tiered levels of ICAM and Investigation Training. Our courses ensure that all personnel receive relevant and applicable training. General operators, contractors, decision-makers, approving officers, those who will lead or facilitate investigations or have line responsibility for investigations, and senior executives are best suited to attend our courses. 


At ICAM Australia, safety is our top priority, and we are committed to helping you achieve a safer workplace. Safety is a shared responsibility, and that's why we go above and beyond to offer the most comprehensive services that will help you achieve the highest level of safety compliance.


For more information on our service provisions, contact Jo De Landre (our Principal Investigator - 0414 804 771 / or visit our website to view our range of consulting options:

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